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144 million Americans have listened to a podcast. Over 32% listen every month.


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Almost everyone is doing a podcast, but few are doing them well—and listeners are demanding the highest quality. Shock City Podcast Studios in St. Louis, Missouri is working with individuals, co-working spaces and corporate offices to help them stay competitive by creating and managing their very own branded podcasting studios. We can design and equip new podcast recording studios or modify existing studio spaces to perform above broadcast quality.


Shock City has a decade of experience engineering projects, from chart-topping iTunes podcasts to bestselling audiobooks. Recording a podcast helps people:

  • Communicate the personality of a brand

  • Build authority and trust with potential customers

  • Offer free advise or tips that tie back to the business

  • Create content that relates to the business’ core values

  • Create content that relates to the product/service

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Podcast recording studio in St. Louis, Missoui

What we do

We want to help coworking spaces and corporate offices in St. Louis manage their own podcast recording studios from start to finish.

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We build custom podcast studios from the ground up and equip them with top-of the line equipment. Or, if you already have a studio, we can modify the existing space to perform above broadcast quality.


We offer professional management services for new or existing studios.


Learn more about our management services here.


Staff are supplied through Shock City’s own in-house trained audio engineering personnel, whose skills include recording studio management, sales, scheduling, equipment maintenance and quality control.

61% of podcast listeners say they bought something after hearing an ad—and podcast ads drive 2 to 3 times more engagement than radio ads.




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