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Shock City Podast Studio in St. Lous | Record a Podcast in St Louis

We're the experts in building and optimizing podcast studios.


Are you on the ownership team of a coworking space in the St. Louis area that’s looking to enhance revenue and create additional offerings for your members? We want to help you bring a podcast studio to your space. It’s the ultimate coworking space accessory: convenient podcast recording, streaming and audiobook recording for your members, a benefit to sell to your future members and since it is open to the public it increases the foot traffic in your facility and helps build your community awareness.


For marketing firms, business complexes and companies large and small, the possibilities are endless. We’re here to level up services for your clients, help you cut down costs by producing internally, and improve employee communications. You’ll never have to leave the building to create a custom podcast. 


Already have a studio and need help managing it? You may find yourself in the situation where you have built a podcast studio in your facility and it is underperforming, you are having trouble finding qualified and reliable engineering staff or the studio has design or branding flaws. Give us a call to come out and assess your studio and we will find a way to get you back on track.