Want to build a studio or record your own podcast? Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients and customers.

FAQs: Building a Studio

Will the podcast studio in my facility be open to the public or private?

It depends on your situation. What are your needs?

We all know that podcasting is red hot right now and it is only growing in popularity. 

Perhaps you are a larger business that is switching your interoffice communications and/or training materials into a podcast format. You’re finding that it’s less expensive than shooting, editing and uploading video and your employees appreciate how easy it is to stream the podcast format. 

Or, perhaps you are a marketing firm that is looking to offer more podcast production services to your clients as a trendy addition to their marketing budget. 

In either case you see that you will have a constant stream of recorded material being produced under your roof. A private studio powered by Shock City in St. Louis is a perfect fit for you. Not only would it keep your employees on campus, but a modern podcasting room would also be a great look for your company, your employees and your clients. 

That’s where we come in. Our staff and vendors can design and build an industry-standard, private, branded podcast recording studio for your company. And you can rest easy that the room will run effortlessly with Shock City Studios staff engineers taking care of all of your podcast studio scheduling, equipment and software maintenance, podcast recording, editing, uploading, and quality control. 

On the other hand, perhaps you are a coworking space that is feeling the pressure of a marketplace that is getting overcrowded. You are looking for that next thing that will separate you from your competition. What’s better than putting a co-branded Shock City Podcast Studios in your facility? It’s the ultimate coworking space accessory: convenient podcast recording, streaming and audiobook recording for your members, a benefit to sell to your future members and since it is open to the public it increases the foot traffic in your facility and helps build your community awareness. You can even start your own coworking podcast to build awareness of your space, perhaps by interviewing your members, employees and talking about the state of the coworking space industry. This studio would be an official Shock City Podcast Studios space and would be featured on the company website and booked out of our central offices. 

What do you mean by managing and staffing? What does that entail?

First and foremost, Shock City is a recording studio engineering and management staffing company. Over the last decade, we have developed our own proprietary methods of finding qualified audio engineers who are good candidates and retraining them to become Shock City Studios qualified staff members, audio engineers of exceptional skill who have graduated with the additional training in studio management, sales, equipment maintenance, and quality control. You may find yourself in the situation where you have built a podcast studio in your facility and it is underperforming, you are having trouble finding qualified and reliable engineering staff or the studio has design or branding flaws. Give us a call to come out and assess your studio and we will find a way to get you back on track.  

How much does it cost to build a studio?

The least expensive way to build a podcast studio is to convert an existing office space or small room into a studio and control room. If the room is located in a quiet location away from outside walls, the build-out is mostly acoustical treatments and interior decorating it can be done as low as $12,000, which in our design includes custom studio furniture. Equipping the control room and studio for a four-person podcast studio with Shock City qualified recording equipment is about $9,000. We can install and equip everything from a broadcast quality economy studio to a building lobby showpiece. The sky is the limit.  

What does the construction process look like?

For an economy podcast studio, we like to budget 6 to 8 weeks to commission the studio and have it ready to start recording. This includes demo, buildout, branding, equipping, testing and certifying the studio. We try to do the work with as little impact on the work environment as possible and the job site is clean and cleared at the end of each workday. Let us know what specific needs you have in this area. 

FAQs: Recording a Podcast

Why should I create a podcast?

You should create a podcast if you’re looking to connect with a specific audience. It could be a public audience such as potential clients or folks who share your niche passion, or it could be an internal audience such as employees of your company with whom you need to communicate efficiently.

What should I say in a podcast?

The content and format of a podcast can take many forms, but one thing that nearly all successful podcasts have in common is that they remain steadfastly dedicated to the relevant interests of their audiences. As a podcaster, your primary job is to hone in on your purpose and make sure that each episode is fascinating, informative, or entertaining to the listeners. 

How long should my podcast be?

Your podcast should be as long as it needs to be to discuss the topic(s) at hand - in short, there are no rules. Some of the most popular podcasts are several hours in length. However, audiences for most shows have limited free time and attention span, so we recommend episode lengths of approximately 30 minutes as a starting point. If your podcast can be consumed in one “sitting”, that’s ideal. A length of ~30 minutes allows an average listener to consume an episode during a commute to work or a workout at the gym, for example.

How much studio time will I need to record my podcast?


A good rule of thumb is to take what you expect your total running time to be, and double that time.


How often should I podcast?

The frequency of episodes will be partially dictated by the amount of content you have to share and the length of your episodes (even the most dedicated StarTrek fan would run out of topics quickly if she or he released a two-hour episode daily). What’s most important is consistency. Pick a release schedule and resolve to stick to it. A weekly release is generally a happy medium to keep the content fresh while still be frequent enough to stay top-of-mind in your audience’s rotation of podcasts. Your listeners will quickly learn to look forward to new episodes if they know when the next one will drop.

What if I want to use third-party copyrighted material in a public podcast?

To use third-party copyrighted material in a podcast that will be distributed to the public, podcasters need to either obtain permission from the copyright holder or ensure that the copyrighted material falls within an exception to the need for permission, as outlined U.S. fair use procedure and practice and the TEACH Act. 

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