Shock City is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and guests during the Covid-19 outbreak. Shock City Studios is in full compliance of the guidelines spelled out the City of St. Louis’ Guidance for Business Office Operating Protocols in the City of St. Louis.


Studio B is located inside Shock City Studios, our flagship recording studio. This control room is popular for podcasts, audiobooks, mixtapes, vocal tracking and voice-over sessions. It is a space dedicated to helping companies, organizations and individuals use audio technology to share information and creative material.

Studio B is special because Shock City recognizes that streaming data and in-car listening options have accelerated the use of audio podcasts and products like no other medium. This includes popular topical entertainment, audiobooks, professional development courses, and community outreach initiatives. Studio B contributes to this trend by helping companies to record information about new products, services, and trainings. At the same time, Studio B is utilized by nonprofits, universities, and hospitals as a way to effectively extend their outreach to the community at a low cost. Finally, it provides a place for individuals to express themselves, information and insights through high-quality audio productions.


Studio B Room: 19’ x 16’

Vocal Booth: 11’ x 11’